Personalized pedicure and pedicure services allow you to receive a treatment appropriate to the skin type and condition of my dear guest.

Regular foot care is important not only in the spring, but also in the summer season

Regular pedicures and foot care also have health benefits, as many guests have encountered problems with tight shoes (corns, fungal nail lesions, calluses). Let’s face it, the varnish only looks well on healthy nails. 
However, it is not only essential for aesthetic reasons. During the pedicure treatment, the trained specialist determines the orthopedic and skin changes based on professional criteria, which he signals to the guest.
These can be: fungal nails, plantar warts, viral warts, moles, ingrown nails, or corns.

Beautiful manicure and pedicure.
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Pedicure services


Combined pedicure
(Callux + scalpel)

Recann pincer nail correction

Recann pincer nail correction is a revolutionary new method that provides a fast, inexpensive and effective solution for CURVED, INGROWN nails. There are many types of nail correction treatment that are expensive, inconvenient, or too thick so your nails can’t be nail polished. Most people want an instant solution at an affordable price, which is understandable. 
After a long research, I found the RECANN method (invention of Anna Németh footcare master), which is a very simple and effective technique, not least painless.

How does Recann pincer nail correction work?

The nail is adjusted with a paste, which helps to highlight and control the ingrown part of the nail with an adhesive technique. Using the Recann method, we relieve the inflamed surface of the nail. After that we shape the nail to help it to grow in the right direction. Recann pincer nail correction is suitable for up to all 10 nails. Instant lightness for the fingers for a more aesthetic look.
NO SCALPEL, NO BLOOD AND NO PAIN! The paste is completely invisible on the surface of the nail, making it easy to nail polish.

Callux foot care, scalpel-free pedicure!

Callux foot peeling is a fruit acid peeling procedure that provides a wellness experience rather than a pedicure treatment. 
Completely hygienic, painless, we do not use scalpels (knives) and grinding machines.
There is no risk of injury, so it can be used with complete safety in diabetics and bleeding guests.

A quick, effective way to remove calluses and dry cracked skin.
The duration of action is between 15 and 30 minutes, depending on the condition of the foot.
Completely vegan product with natural plant ingredients, no animal testing!

Baby  butt feeling guaranteed!
Treatment is recommended every 3-4 weeks.