Price list

You can choose from more than 200 colors!

During the preparation, it is not necessary to file the surface of the natural nail, it is enough to just degrease it. It can be dissolve in up to 5 minutes with the CND Shellac care release, so you don’t have to spend time with filing.


A pedicure includes cutting the toenails.

Combined pedicure
(Callux + scalpel)
8.000 Ft
Callux scalpel-free pedicure
(with skin exfoliator)
7.500 Ft
Mini aesthetic pedicure
(pedicure includes cutting nails)
4.000 Ft
Beautiful female leg on medical chair while chiropodist using special tools for treatment toes
Treatment of ingrown nails (Recann nail control method)
4.500 Ft/1 side 5.500 Ft/2 side
Professional doctor podiatrist holding electric modern device in the cabinet
Callus removal (Price may vary)
500 Ft
Female pedicure specialist cutting cuticle on male toe
Toenail trimming
5.000 Ft
CND long-lasting varnish
(price includes nail trimming)
6.500 Ft
Closeup photo of a female feet with white french pedicure on nails. at spa salon. Legs care concept
+ 500 Ft
Beautiful manicure and pedicure.
Smooth varnish CND Vinylux
(price does not change with brought varnish)
3.000 Ft

The price may vary depending on the condition of the foot.


Basic decoration is included in the price for up to 4 nails (mica powder, printing, simpler painted samples, stone 10 pcs.)

Image (9)
CND Shellac
8.000 Ft
image3 (2)
CND Shellac with gel hardener
S size
8.500 Ft
Beautiful woman hands with french manicure
+1.000 Ft
+1.000 Ft
Pushing Fingernail Cuticles in Beauty Salon
Classic manicure
4.000 Ft
Closeup of woman getting manicure treatment in spa. Woman doing hand massage at wellness center. Detail of beautician hands doing massage hands to customer with candle on towel.
Japanese manicure
5.000 Ft